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Winning Retirement means making your next stage of life the best stage of your life, with purpose and meaning, financial security, and a plan to begin a new life journey that speaks to YOUR soul.

Retirement is no longer about giving up your career and fading away into obscurity and declining health.  It is also not about a life of leisure.

With many people retiring early, and with average lifespans increasing two years a decade, many of us will spend one-third to one-half of our lives in “retirement”.    That’s too much time to merely let life happen without a clear plan and meaningful goals.

Winning Retirement is about identifying and pursuing your dreams. It’s about expanding, rather than contracting, your life.  It is about redefining who you are, unbound by the constraints of your work life.  Winning Retirement is about life planning to realize the life that YOU want.

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As a Certified Retirement Coach, I can help you make the transition into retirement and make retirement the most fulfilling phase of your life.  We can work together one-on-one to design a personal Retirement Mission Statement that will serve as a guide to your decision making in retirement. Schedule your Retirement Readiness Assessment today.


Do you need help designing a retirement income strategy that will meet your goals? As a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor® I can help you prepare for and live in the Distribution Phase, when you must live off of the savings you’ve built up over the years and your other income sources in retirement.  Schedule a complimentary call to discuss how we might work together.


My first priority is education and information. That's why I provide a series of free guides, quizzes and tools that allow you to experience my style and approach.  Adding these valuable insights to your already existing knowledge base can help you avoid common retirement missteps, make your retirement more meaningful, and help you create a no-regrets retirement plan.

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